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I was born in Minnesota but spent most of my life in Montana and chose to stay to raise my three children here. Aside from writing, I enjoy creating things, whether it involves programming code, working with wood, building and renovating, or using electronics and computers. When I'm not writing or at my day job, I can be found at the bowling alley, out with friends enjoying a beer, at home in the shop, hanging out with my kids, or sitting at a computer playing a video game. As an avid reader since the age of eleven, I have always wanted to try my hand at writing, "The Freezer" is my first novel. I enjoy many different fiction genres, but my favorite has always been Post-Apocalyptic stories, so I chose to write my first book in this setting.

What I do

By day I am an IT manager for my family business. My skills include web design, network engineering, server adminsitration, help desk, client PC maintenance, desktop publishing, advertising design, and general building maintenance. On my off time, I write, which can sometimes have longer hours. I spent many years writing technical manuals and standard operating procedures. I believe my technical experience and attention to detail plays well in writing science fiction. I am currently finishing my latest novel, "Immortal" which should be available the first week of December.

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Currently the ebook versions of all my books are exclusively available through Amazon for Kindle. The Freezer can be found here, Immortal can be found here, and The Paradox Cycle can be found here. Kindle readers are available on any Android device or Apple iPad and iPhone. Kindle Cloud Reader is avaialble for PC and Mac. All my books can be borrowed for free through Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited (Prime borrows require a Kindle reading Device, not just the app).

Paperback (6" x 9"):

The Freezer is available through Amazon, CreateSpace, and Barnes&Noble.

Immortal is available through Amazon and CreateSpace. and Barnes&Noble.

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